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Thank you for visiting Blue Crescent Technologies. We are your complete computer services solution!! We are proud to offer a wide range of on-site computer services to home users and small businesses at excellent rates.


All work is undertaken by degreed computer professionals with many years of experience in the PC industry. Only name-brand components are used, giving you the reassurance and performance that you deserve.


We undertake service onsite, meaning at your home. No more disconnecting your pc and driving halfway across town to drop it at a "service" desk, then waiting forever for notification that the work is complete.


It is an unfortunate fact that many computer stores charge inflated rates for upgrades and repairs that take far too long to complete. In fact according to a recent
PC World article you may even end up paying for work that is simply unnecessary.  At Blue Crescent Technologies,  we believe in offering competitive component and labor rates, and only undertaking the work that is actually required.


If you would like further information about our Computer Services, please contact us using one of the methods on our contact page. For a FREE consultation, please begin by using our consultation form.  You should also be aware of our Computer Services terms and conditions.


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